Healthy fod for babies Star Wars News: ‘The Rise of Skywalker’ Will Address the Toxic Rey-Kylo Relationship

Healthy fod for babies

First, the news you really want: The new trailer for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker will debut tonight during ABC’s Monday night football game. Actually, if you’re reading this in the evening, you might want to check to see if the trailer has dropped already. Go look. It’s OK; we’ll wait.

Back? Great, we’ll continue. Here are some of the other things that have been happening in the Star Wars universe.

The Ballad of Rey and Ren Will Conclude in Rise of Skywalker

The source: Daisy Ridley herself

Probability of accuracy: If Rey doesn’t know what her character is doing in a movie that’s already finished shooting, then something really problematic is going down in the editing bay.

The real deal: Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is either going to be a shipper’s dream or their nightmare. As Daisy Ridley told Entertainment Weekly recently, the movie will properly address the relationship between Rey and Kylo Ren. “Obviously, there’s this whole Reylo thing and some people are very passionate about it, some aren’t,” she said. “J.J. does deal with [it] … It’s a very complex issue. People talk about toxic relationships and whatever it is. It’s no joke and I think it’s dealt with really well because it’s not skimmed over.” Well, that surely gives fans a lot to ponder, and fight over, for the next few months.

Does the Force Control Star Wars?

The source: Former Star Wars voice actor Freddie Prinze Jr.

Probability of accuracy: This one is very, very difficult to nail down. Trust your instincts.

The real deal: Could an interview from May—recently uploaded in new form on Instagram—hold the key to how the story will end in The Rise of Skywalker? That’s what many are wondering after an interview with Star Wars: Rebels voice actor Freddie Prinze Jr. from Jeff Dye’s Friendship Podcast re-emerged, with the actor holding court on just how the Force works, as explained to him by George Lucas acolyte Dave Filoni. “Luke’s skill doesn’t dictate whether he wins or loses [in the original trilogy],” he said. “The Emperor doesn’t dictate whether he wins or loses. The Force dictates who wins and loses based on balance.” Indeed, the Force is so focused on balance, he explained, that when Anakin Skywalker went over to the Dark Side, doubling the power of the Sith, the Force responded in an unexpected manner. “It gives us twins. Luke and Leia. Two and fucking two. Balance. And if you look at the movie through just that simple perspective, you will not only know why every single bad guy loses and every single good guy loses, you’ll know who’s going to win and lose in the next fucking movies,” he added. By that logic, it should be remembered that Luke’s death in The Last Jedi left things in balance as Rey stepped up to even things out against Kylo Ren … but what will the rumored return of Palpatine do to that status quo?

Tony Gilroy Is Joining the Cassian Andor Disney+ Show

The source: Online reporting

Probability of accuracy: This appears to be legitimate information.

The real deal: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story‘s secret weapon, Tony Gilroy—who wrote and directed the reshoots that significantly changed portions of the finished feature—will be returning to a galaxy far, far away with the news that he’ll write the pilot and direct multiple episodes of the in-development Cassian Andor prequel series being made for Disney+. Gilroy will work beside showrunner Stephen Schiff (The Americans). The series doesn’t have a premiere date yet, which means there’s plenty of time for Disney and Lucasfilm to try and bring Rogue One director Gareth Edwards on board for an episode or two.

Now ‘Jedi’ Can Finally Be Used in Scrabble

The source: The OED

Probability of accuracy: This is as real as it gets; it’s in a dictionary.

The real deal: Meanwhile, in the real world, a Star Wars fan has clearly started working at the Oxford English Dictionary, which just added a bunch of new words to future editions, including “Jedi,” “Padawan” and even “lightsabre”—yes, the spelling is wrong, but what can you do? Interestingly enough, the OED also added an additional meaning for the word “force,” which begins, “In the fictional universe of the Star Wars films: a mystical universal energy field …” Yoda would be proud.

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