Healthy fod for babies Reporter expertly dodged falling lights on live TV and never stopped delivering the news

Healthy fod for babies

By Tim Marcin

Nothing was going to stop NBC’s Kristen Welker from delivering the news. Not howling winds. Not the added struggle of talking through a facemask. And certainly not a couple of falling lighting fixtures. 

Welker was reporting live in D.C. on Wednesday, covering Attorney General William Barr’s comments on coronavirus shutdowns. Suddenly, strong gusts of wind sent tall lighting fixtures crashing to the ground. Yet she still tried to keep delivering the news. Watch the impressive moves from Welker yourself. 

Unfazed, Welker shrugged it off on-air, saying “We’re OK, they fell in front of me.” 

The internet was quick to praise Welker for being unflappable. The reporter herself retweeted a couple of jokes, including one that said she had “first-round pocket presence” as she dodged the lights. (For the uninitiated, that’s a football reference.) 

Welker was also excited to get a faux-scouting report on her abilities from the Philadelphia Eagles, her favorite team. 

If Welker was hoping for easier reporting conditions in the coming days, it doesn’t appear that’s in the cards. Forecasts indicate it’ll be rainy and relatively windy for the rest of the week in D.C.  

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