Healthy fod for babies On Fox News, Palin used a sexist smear to suggest Harris betrayed her convictions.

Healthy fod for babies

Elections|On Fox News, Palin used a sexist smear to suggest Harris betrayed her convictions.

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Fox News hosts on Wednesday night devoted four hours to Day 3 of the Democratic convention but carried little of the convention itself.

Instead, the programming included more criticism of the Democratic Party; its nominee, Joseph R. Biden Jr.; his running mate, Senator Kamala Harris; former President Barack Obama; and the 2016 Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton.

An example: The host Tucker Carlson asked Sarah Palin if there was anything she could have done in 2008, when she was the Republican vice-presidential nominee, to warrant what she and Mr. Carlson described as the fawning media coverage that Ms. Harris is enjoying.

“I would not have prostituted myself in terms of changing any of my positions in order to garner better press,” Ms. Palin said.

“For instance,” she elaborated, “I am all about all of our freedoms, including the Second Amendment, and I would not, for instance, say yeah, you know, mandatory gun confiscation, which is what the Democrats are rooting for and pulling for. I would never have gone there in order to get that good coverage.”

Ms. Palin was apparently referring to the false claim that Ms. Harris has threatened to send the police to people’s houses to take their guns.

Ms. Palin’s words marked a change in tone from last week, when she congratulated Ms. Harris on Instagram and offered tips like, “Don’t get muzzled — connect with media and voters in your own unique way.”

Mr. Carlson summed up the convention as “platitudes heaped upon clichés smothered in a thick sauce of self-righteousness and stupidity,” adding, “We only tune in because it’s our job.”

The host Sean Hannity cut away to the actual convention only to show about 20 seconds of remarks by Mrs. Clinton, calling her the “twice-failed candidate.”

The host Laura Ingraham wrapped up the night by criticizing Mr. Obama’s policies on trade, immigration and international affairs.

“He’s the man who solved none of these terrible issues and problems that they’re all talking about during his eight years in office,” she said. “The Obama pixie dust he was sprinkling tonight was more like sand in your eyes.”

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