Healthy fod for babies NASA’s Nuclear Idea, an Unfixable Apple Flaw, and More News

Healthy fod for babies

Nuclear rockets could wind up in space, a researcher unveiled a massive and unfixable iPhone flaw, and US police forces are using doorbell cameras to fight crime. Here’s the news you need to know, in two minutes or less.

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Today’s Headlines

NASA wants to send nuclear rockets to the moon and Mars

NASA is revisiting an idea that first got hot in the ’60s: nuclear propulsion. A nuclear rocket engine would be twice as efficient as the chemical engines powering rockets today, but space travel is dangerous enough without having to worry about a nuclear meltdown. NASA increasingly believes the risks are worth the reward. “You can do chemical propulsion to Mars, but it’s really hard,” says nuclear propulsion expert Bill Emrich. “Going further than the moon is much better with nuclear propulsion.” But couldn’t a nuclear explosion on a launchpad be a Chernobyl level disaster? Don’t worry, a regular chemically propelled rocket will hoist the craft into orbit; the nuclear engine wouldn’t fire until it got into space.

Unfixable iOS device exploit is the latest Apple security upheaval

For years, “jailbreaking” the iPhone—or breaking down Apple’s security to allow the device to run any software—has been a rare and challenging feat. Today, a security researcher showed it’s possible to jailbreak almost every single iOS device released between 2011 and 2017 including most models of iPad, Apple Watch, iPod Touch, and Apple TV. How bad is this for Apple? “This is probably the biggest thing to cross most iOS security researchers’ desks in their entire careers to date,” says Thomas Reed, a Mac and mobile malware research specialist.

Fast Fact: 400

That’s how many US police departments are working with the Amazon-owned company Ring, which makes camera-equipped doorbells for your home. After they’ve promoted Ring’s devices and apps, cops can ask citizens for footage from their cameras that may be connected to a crime—even without a warrant.

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News You Can Use

Here’s how to properly back up your iPhone.

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