Healthy fod for babies John Krasinski’s Some Good News Twitter account will brighten your timeline

Healthy fod for babies

By Nicole Gallucci

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Each day in the coronavirus era seems to bring forth a whole new avalanche of distressing news. It can be extremely difficult to stay positive and remember that there’s good in the world during troubling times, so John Krasinski made it his mission to help remind people.

After asking his Twitter followers to share positive life updates using the hashtag #SomeGoodNews, the Quiet Place mastermind best known for his role as Jim Halpert on The Office launched Some Good News, a “news network for good news,” which he hosts on YouTube. 

In the first episode, which was uploaded March 29, Krasinski shared a variety of heartwarming stories and even chatted with his former on-screen boss, Steve Carell, about The Office.

Krasinski’s efforts have given people a much-needed dose of delightful, uplifting content, and Episode 2 of the show is already in the works. But if you’re looking for a way to brighten your Twitter timelines in the mean time, we highly suggest following the @somegoodnews Twitter account.

healthy fod for babies John Krasinski making important good news calls.

John Krasinski making important good news calls.

Image: screenshot / twitter

It’s unclear if Krasinski will be sharing a new episode of his YouTube show every Sunday night, but in between episodes the Some Good News Twitter account will help fill the good news void in your heart.

The account retweets a variety of good news stories from around the world and highlights everything from marriage proposals and selfless deeds, to cute kid content, hilarious dance routines, and more. Here are a few examples:

#SGN #SomeGoodNews we got engaged over the weekend! We met on bumble and matched because both of our bios were quotes from #TheOffice and the night of our engagement since we couldn’t go out and celebrate, we watched Jim/Pam episodes to remind us of where we started! pic.twitter.com/qKrmlu7A1U

— Jennifer Calnek (@JCalnek) March 30, 2020

I’ll read a kids book for the kids each night live on twitter while we’re having to stay home. Just a little break and hopefully some fun for the kids! Enjoy. New book tomorrow! https://t.co/vTMakvHkvZ

— Chris Kerber (@chriskerber) March 23, 2020

We know this is a scary time and that social distancing can be lonely, but hopefully this account will add some joy to your days.

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