Healthy fod for babies Fox News host says John Lennon — who was killed in New York — ‘wouldn’t be safe’ in the city right now

Healthy fod for babies

By Anna Iovine

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Days after an NYPD car floored it into a group of protesters — just one of many instances of police violence in the city — New York City mayor Bill de Blasio responded with…John Lennon lyrics. 

“I don’t mean to make light of this but I’m reminded of the song ‘Imagine’ by John Lennon,” said de Blasio, according to journalist Jack Mirkinson. He went on to say that defunding the police, a rallying cry of the George Floyd protests, was “not the way forward.”

De Blasio was subsequently roasted by social media and traditional media outlets, and then Fox News got ahold of the quote. On Fox & Friends Thursday morning, Brian Kilmeade thought he was delivering a brilliant zinger about the mayor:

Brian Kilmeade tries to dunk on Bill de Blasio’s “Imagine” reference by saying that “John Lennon wouldn’t be safe in this city right now.” pic.twitter.com/bhM8OCCivi

— Bobby Lewis (@revrrlewis) June 4, 2020

“John Lennon wouldn’t be safe in this city right now,” said Kilmeade. “He’d be hiding in his apartment.”

For those who are unaware (like Kilmeade, apparently), John Lennon was murdered in New York in 1980. His killer, Mark David Chapman, shot him four times outside his luxury Manhattan apartment. He’s still in prison and his eleventh parole hearing is scheduled for this August.

Maybe Kilmeade should do some fact-checking. Imagine that?

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