Healthy fod for babies A “Safe” Smoking Gadget, Vodka Made From Air, and More News

Healthy fod for babies

Tobacco is warming and new alcohols are forming, but first, a cartoon about the dangers of self-diagnosis.

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Today’s Headlines

A new smoking gadget says its safe. Should you trust it?

A new product is vying to be your vice: the Iqos. The Iqos warms—instead of burning—the tobacco. By mixing it with other solvents, it creates a more pure form of nicotine that avoids the tar that contributes to lung disease. While the FDA approved the device, it also approved previous devices that have put American lungs in danger, and scientists say the device may present unique challenges that haven’t been studied all that much.

This martini wants to kill climate change one sip at a time

An invention that electrolyzes carbon dioxide and a dose of water into ethanol has a new function: making vodka out of thin air. The topically named Air vodka doesn’t require resources typical vodka would, and the manufacturing process takes CO2 right out of the air. Little by little, Air could get you drunk and kill climate change.

Fast Fact: 550 Million Metric Tons

That’s how much methane is emitted each year on Earth, a little more than half of which is human-caused. Identifying the top offenders helps control the leaks, so California sent planes to the sky to investigate.

WIRED Recommends: Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition

Your kid is ready for a device, but you’re not quite ready to unleash the full power of the internet upon them. Take a peek at our favorite kids tablet. (Disclaimer: There was a $40 off deal earlier today, but it’s over now. Strap in for Black Friday, shoppers!)

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Here’s how to opt out of the sites that sell your personal data.

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