Healthy fod for babies A Mind-Boggling Uber Oversight, a Firefox Scam, and More News

Healthy fod for babies

Firefox users are gettin’ scammed and Uber is gettin’ slammed—but first, a cartoon about not liking what you see in the mirror.

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Today’s Headlines

Uber’s self-driving car didn’t know pedestrians could jaywalk

New documents released as part of a federal investigation reveal that the self-driving car that killed an Arizona woman last year was not designed to detect pedestrians outside of a crosswalk. It is the most damning of a set of details that show Uber’s failures to consider how humans actually do things.

Scammers are exploiting a Firefox bug to freeze your browser

Scammers are taking advantage of a Firefox bug that causes your browser to lock up and display this message:

Please stop and do not close the PC … The registry key of your computer is locked. Why did we block your computer? The Windows registry key is illegal. The Windows desktop is using pirated software. The Window desktop sends viruses over the Internet. This Windows desktop is hacked. We block this computer for your safety.

It then tells you to call a toll-free number—but you know the drill: Don’t call the number, and force-quit the browser. Mozilla says it’s actively working on a fix.

Fast Fact: $60 Million

That’s how much AT&T was fined for throttling “unlimited” plans in 2011. The FTC says the company slowed unlimited plans that went over as little as 2 GB per month down to a crawl, and never told the customers. The money from the fine will be used to give partial refunds to those affected.

WIRED Recommends: The Best Robot Vacuums

If you’re still vacuuming your house yourself, get with the times and let the robots take over. Not sure which to get? Our reviewers have you covered.

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