Baby Health in Winter Vanity: Will Quarantining Lead To A New ‘Baby Boom’ This Winter?

Baby Health in Winter

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Vanity: Will Quarantining Lead To A New ‘Baby Boom’ This Winter?

| OrangeHoof

Posted on 05/18/2020 8: 12: 48 AM PDT by OrangeHoof

With most of the Western world forced into #stayathome quarantine over the COVID pandemic, could we see a new ‘baby boom’ this winter, nine months after the shutdown that covered most of the Americas and Europe?

Young men and women sheltered in place with “nothing to do” has always seemed to be a recipe for an increase in sexual activity. With 315,000 estimated worldwide deaths (source: New York Times) which seem to be largely the elderly and health-compromised, will the world be quickly replacing the lost with toddlers in 7-10 months?

The answer is likely “yes” but not necessarily so. Feminists, health organizations and Planned Parenthood have drummed into this generation a different ethos to having children. The schools have been trying to convert as many kids (particularly white boys) to homosexuality or transgenderism as possible.

Birth rates in Europe and North America have been in steady decline causing some world leaders to seek to replace them with African, Middle Eastern and Asian refugees in order to maintain levels of cheap labor. It would seem these will be the likeliest source of new births.

Then again, maybe women are convinced that all men are rapists or babies are too expensive and make them fat, etc. etc. and they simply don’t want to be mothers until their biological clocks start ringing in their mid-30s.

It’s complicated. I think the women from simpler (some would say ‘backwards’) societies would be most inclined to have more children right now.

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I have no answer here. Just throwing this out as an unintentional consequence of prolonged and massive quarantining and the strain it may eventually put on our societies.

What are your thoughts?

posted on 05/18/2020 8: 12: 48 AM PDT
by OrangeHoof

To: OrangeHoof

There is anecdotal evidence of blackouts and major winter storms leading to an uptick in births nine months later.

posted on 05/18/2020 8: 14: 22 AM PDT
by OrangeHoof
(Step One of the recovery is ‘flatten the curve’. Step Two is to flatten the tyrants.)

To: OrangeHoof

You mean in between the arguing….make up sex?

posted on 05/18/2020 8: 14: 26 AM PDT
by 1Old Pro

To: OrangeHoof

We should know by now. The lockdown began what?, three months ago? That’s plenty enough time for womenfolk to know whether or not they are pregnant.

‘Course, have they been able to go their ob/gyns?

posted on 05/18/2020 8: 15: 08 AM PDT
by Texas Eagle
(If it wasn’t for double-standards, Liberals would have no standards at all — Texas Eagle)

To: OrangeHoof

I doubt it. Contraception is cheap and common.

posted on 05/18/2020 8: 16: 37 AM PDT
by Ted Grant

To: OrangeHoof

I’m suspecting there will be as many divorces as newborns. I can’t imagine being home all day long with the same person day in and day out for weeks on end. She would drive me more nuts than I already am!

posted on 05/18/2020 8: 18: 17 AM PDT
by unixfox
(Abolish Slavery, Repeal the 16th Amendment)

To: OrangeHoof

I think it will result in a divorce boom.

posted on 05/18/2020 8: 18: 45 AM PDT
by cuban leaf
(The political war playing out in every country now: Globalists vs Nationalists)

To: 1Old Pro

Yep. Babies are the other end of the spectrum from assaults and divorces.

posted on 05/18/2020 8: 19: 21 AM PDT
by Moonman62

To: OrangeHoof

I think the left has been freaking out about this possibility and has been telling us all that the pandemic won’t result in a baby boom. In other countries, India for example, they say there is a pandemic baby boom underway. In this country the pandemic has resulted in a bit of sheltering-in-place musical chairs with various men angling to be housed with the woman of their choosing. There is pretty much one way that is going to end imo.

To: OrangeHoof

In our society, there will be an abortion boom. PP will be flush with cash in November.

posted on 05/18/2020 8: 20: 30 AM PDT
by frogjerk
(We are conservatives. Not libertarians, not “fiscal conservatives”, not moderates)

To: OrangeHoof

IMO … not so much.

Considder the demographics;

The ones that should be horny as hell aren’t sure what they are.

The ones that know what they are, are not into white picket fences, Mom kitchens and Dad work,

Churches are not as full (imo) as they were during the blackout, so kids (I’m 72 … yer all kids) haven’t been taught the Godliness of family.

Prophylactics have been around so long, a lot of female bodies can’t just switch into baby making mode (as I understand it),

… and finally, this thing has been a farce anyway ….we’re not in the dark and without external entertainment (as in a blackout), so we’ve been able to entertain ourselves pretty good.

My two cents’ worth.

posted on 05/18/2020 8: 20: 47 AM PDT
by knarf

To: cuban leaf

Or sadly perhaps a boom for PP.

posted on 05/18/2020 8: 23: 02 AM PDT
by FES0844

To: OrangeHoof

Not if they are practicing “social distancing”!

posted on 05/18/2020 8: 26: 32 AM PDT
by systemjim
(Lifetime Lover of Music)

To: OrangeHoof

Speaking only for my partner and myself, our libido has crashed due to our anger over the overreaction to COVID-19 and worry over our job security.

Now, we so happen to share the same political views in general and views on the shamdemic/plandemic in particular, so there is no tension between us on that account.

There really is no tension between us at all. We are just moody and tired.

I can’t imagine being in a relationship with someone who sees the situation differently than I do. I think it would cause a break up.

posted on 05/18/2020 8: 28: 03 AM PDT
by CheshireTheCat
(“Forgetting pain is convenient.Remembering it agonizing.But recovering truth is worth the suffering”)

To: OrangeHoof

It is a high probability.

posted on 05/18/2020 8: 31: 01 AM PDT
by mylife
(The Roar Of The Masses Could Be Farts)

To: OrangeHoof

posted on 05/18/2020 8: 31: 20 AM PDT
by madison10
(Wash your hands & say your prayers cause Jesus & germs are everywhere)

To: OrangeHoof

M wife and I are past all that.

But, day sex is real. And fabulous.

posted on 05/18/2020 8: 32: 08 AM PDT
by Arones
(When Leftists are in a minority, then they look for other ways to win.)

To: Ted Grant

That’s my thinking as well. Birth control is basically free and nigh universally accepted, at least by the broader culture. Compare this to the post WWII baby boom era.


posted on 05/18/2020 8: 35: 30 AM PDT
by Ransomed

To: OrangeHoof

90,000 people die and 300,000 new people born!

posted on 05/18/2020 8: 35: 37 AM PDT
by US_MilitaryRules
(I’m not tired of Winning yet! Please, continue on!)

To: Texas Eagle

I agree. The first two weeks of the shutdowns was the time period when women would most likely get pregnant. It was not as stressful— people were getting a little break from commuting and thought we were doing the right thing shutting down a couple weeks to give hospitals a break and that things would go back to normal soon.

Blizzards are not stressful for the vast majority. People get a couple of days off, can stay in bed, etc. The storm ends, clean up begins, and life goes on. Blackouts too are not stressful. People figure the blackout will be solved within 48 hours, the lights will go back on, and life goes on.

For weeks now no one has any idea what the hell is going on. That causes stress. I imagine a stressed body is not ripe for conception.

posted on 05/18/2020 8: 47: 09 AM PDT
by CheshireTheCat
(“Forgetting pain is convenient.Remembering it agonizing.But recovering truth is worth the suffering”)

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