Baby Health in Winter ‘This Is Us’: Chrissy Metz Promises ‘Answers’ About New Time Jump & Teases Kate-Centric Episode

Baby Health in Winter

Exclusive Interview

Answers are ahead on ‘This Is Us.’ HL talked EXCLUSIVELY with Chrissy Metz about the state of Kate and Toby’s relationship, Rebecca’s health, the new time jump, and more.

The This Is Us fall finale featured yet another time jump — this time 9 months. Rebecca’s memory loss has gotten worse and the police bring her to the family cabin where Miguel, Kate, Kevin, and Kevin’s mysterious fiance are staying. Randall and Beth aren’t at the cabin because Randall and Kevin aren’t speaking. However, Toby isn’t at the family cabin either and fans immediately began asking questions about Toby’s whereabouts. HollywoodLife asked Chrissy Metz about whether or not the Toby situation in the new flash-forward will be explained. “Yes, it will. There will be some answers,” Chrissy told HollywoodLife at the Television Critics Association winter press tour.

Rebecca’s health will be at the forefront of the rest of season 4. Chrissy noted that it’s “uncharted territory” for all the Pearsons. “I think what’s exceptionally difficult is that, as they are coming together, what is their relationship going to look like?” Chrissy said. “We’ll see that in that Kate-centric episode. It’s really, really, really beautiful. I think it’s one of my favorite episodes and really special. I’m tearing up just thinking about it.”

The episode included yet another roadblock for Kate and Toby. Kate discovers Toby’s CrossFit group chat is talking about her. “Don’t let her bring you down,” one person texted Toby. Chrissy teased Kate and Toby’s future following this moment and admitted that it’s a “trying time” for their relationship. “Right now, all we know is that he has some CrossFit buddies that he talks to and they seem a little more chummy than normal and that is suspicious for Kate because she has insecurities that came long before Toby was even around and she’s still contending with them,” Chrissy continued. “But also this is a very trying time in their relationship. So we’re going to discover what’s going to happen. As life is, there’s highs and lows.”

One person that Kate has been leaning on significantly is her neighbor, Gregory. Chrissy loves exploring their dynamic. “It’s such a special bond,” Chrissy continued. “I think it’s great because they learn a lot from each other. That’s what’s really special not only because Tim [Omundson] is such an amazing actor and to have the opportunity to really showcase his talent, even after he’s had a stroke and then this life event happens. Also, my mom had a stroke two years ago, so for her to see who she is on TV, those things are so important. Their dynamic is really special and could be potentially interesting.”

Baby Jack is going to continue Kate’s primary focus. Chrissy told HollywoodLife that Kate is “determined to make Jack’s life as wonderful and as full and as normal as possible. It’s really important to her for him to have all the opportunities that any other kid would have. But it’s uncharted territory. So I think she’s very unsure of how to do this correctly, but she’s going to do it.” She added that there’s “a really special episode that’s Kate-centric in one of the trilogies and we get to see a really special time that they’ve shared. It’s going to be really, really tender and important.” This Is Us season 4 airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on NBC.

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