Baby Health in Winter Lewis Barbecue

Baby Health in Winter Lewis Barbecue

Lewis Barbecue in Charleston, South Carolina, has great variety in what you can order.

Jonathan T./Yelp

  • When it comes to the best barbecue in the country, meat lovers are passionate about which spots are truly the best.
  • While Kansas City and Texas may be the best-known places in the country for their barbecue offerings, incredible barbecue can be found nationwide.
  • Yelp picked the best barbecue restaurant in every state based on customer reviews.
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From juicy pulled pork to perfectly seasoned brisket and crispy burnt ends, barbecue is beloved by people nationwide.

However, not all barbecue joints are created equal.

To determine the best barbecue restaurant in every state, Yelp identified restaurants with a large concentration of reviews mentioning “barbecue,” then ranked those spots using a number of factors, including the total volume and ratings of reviews mentioning those keywords. When available, all of the businesses listed also have a passing health score and had to be open.

Here is the best barbecue spot in every state, according to Yelp.

Baby Health in Winter COLORADO: Scooter’s Smokehouse BBQ in Conifer

Baby Health in Winter bb

Scooter’s Smokehouse BBQ.

John R./Yelp

“This is the best damn bbq you will find in Colorado. Little mom and pop shop that hit the spot. I live in the city so it’ll be a commute for me but I will be back at least once a month. Had the sausage with brisket and slaw. BEST damn slaw I’ve ever had. Friendly staff and clean place. Do NOT hesitate to go here,” wrote Yelp user Alan B.

Learn more about Scooter’s Smokehouse BBQ here.

Baby Health in Winter WASHINGTON, DC: Backyard Smokespot BBQ

Baby Health in Winter backyard smokespot

Backyard Smokespot BBQ.

Backyard Smokespot BBQ/Yelp

“When I pulled up, the aroma from the grill had me enticed. I then had a hard time even deciding what to get because it was so many things on the menu that looked so mouth-watering and delicious. My first time there I was able to sample the macaroni and cheese and after one taste I was all in. I ordered a fish dinner with the mac and garlicky green beans. The fish was so full of flavor and seasoned perfectly,” wrote Yelp user Tarika B.

Learn more about Backyard Smokespot BBQ here.

Baby Health in Winter IDAHO: Lunch Box Deli & BBQ in Lewiston

Baby Health in Winter lunch box deli and bbq

Lunch Box Deli & BBQ here.

Lunch Box Deli & BBQ/Yelp

“We ordered the Sampler Platter and wow. Everything on the tray was wonderful. All the food came out hot in a very timely manner. My favorite meats were the burnt ends and ribs. The meats were smoked just right and not dry. There are four different BBQ sauces to choose from. The BBQ beans were seasoned perfectly. We will be back soon,” wrote Yelp user Becky M.

Learn more about Lunch Box Deli & BBQ here.

Baby Health in Winter ILLINOIS: Chicago Culinary Kitchen in Palatine

Baby Health in Winter chicago culinary kitcehn

Chicago Culinary Kitchen.

Baramee C./Yelp

“This place is hardcore! A hidden gem nestled in a run-down strip mall in Palatine. Only open on the weekends with limited quantities, it’s best to get here early. If you get here late however, like we did, there’s still a chance to enjoy brisket & pulled pork and washed down with a 32oz Bloody Mary or a beer from their impressive craft selection. No fancy gimmicks here, just top notch BBQ and high voltage ACDC,” wrote Yelp user Mark F.

Learn more about Chicago Culinary Kitchen here.

Baby Health in Winter INDIANA: Trax BBQ in McCordsville

Baby Health in Winter traxbbq

Trax BBQ.

Bryan T./Yelp

“Our first time trying Trax BBQ was [through] Door Dash. The food was amazing, so good that we decided to eat at the restaurant a few days later. I can not say enough good things about this place. The food is amazing, good portion size, and very friendly staff. It also doesn’t hurt that it is close by,” wrote Yelp user Jeremy N.

Learn more about Trax BBQ here.

Baby Health in Winter IOWA: Flying Mango in Des Moines

Baby Health in Winter bbq

Flying Mango.

Faisal T./Yelp

“I can’t say enough great things about Flying Mango. From the service to the food, it’s just always on point. I’ve had too many dishes to mention them all. My advice, always get the grits of the day. It never disappoints. This is the only place in town that I order grits,” wrote Yelp user Mary V.

Learn more about Flying Mango here.

Baby Health in Winter KANSAS: Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que in Kansas City

Baby Health in Winter kansas city bbq

Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que.

Gregg M./Yelp

“It’s weeks later, and I’m back home now, in California, but if I close my eyes and imagine a deep breath, I can still smell the wonderfully rich and smoky aroma of Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que. I’m starting to salivate! I might just have to get some FedEx’d to me,” wrote Yelp user James G.

Learn more Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que here.

Baby Health in Winter KENTUCKY: Brothers Restaurant in Campbellsville

Baby Health in Winter kentucky bbq

Brothers Restaurant.

Jody C./Yelp

“Tried Brothers tonight for the first time and it definitely exceeded my expectations! It was great BBQ! I shared the sampler platter that comes with pulled pork, brisket, a quarter chicken (you can pick white or dark meat), and ribs. All of the meats were delicious, with the ribs being my favorite and the chicken my least favorite (but still very good),” wrote Yelp user Olwen C.

Learn more about Brothers Restaurant here.

Baby Health in Winter LOUISIANA: Cou-yon’s Cajun Bar-B-Q in Port Allen

Baby Health in Winter louisiana bbq

Cou-yon’s Cajun Bar-B-Q.

Wasa S./Yelp

“Yelp has done me right, again! We were passing through on our vacation trip and looking for a not too fancy place to have a sit down dinner. Based on reviews we stopped here and we were not disappointed. The service was friendly and quick and the portions are HUGE! We ordered two loaded potatoes and one sampler platter. Needless to say we did not get through it all. Everything tasted great,” wrote Yelp user Natalie R.

Learn more about Cou-yon’s Cajun Bar-B-Q here.

Baby Health in Winter MAINE: Gaskin’s Barbecue & Lobster in York

Baby Health in Winter gaskins bbq

Gaskin’s Barbecue & Lobster.

Xavier C./Yelp

“SO much love for Gaskin’s!!!! We dined here twice during our stay in Maine because it was just THAT good. The space is well-lit with natural sunlight and offers plenty of indoor and outdoor seating (it fills up quick, though!) as well as an extensive, yummy menu. Let me preface this review by saying I’m not a huge carnivore. I’m super picky when it comes to seafood and don’t like excessive amounts of meat in one meal. However, things were different with Gaskin’s,” wrote Yelp user Anna X.

Learn more about Gaskin’s Barbecue & Lobster here.

Baby Health in Winter MASSACHUSETTS: Chub’s Blue Pig BBQ in Attleboro

Baby Health in Winter massachusetts bbq

Chub’s Blue Pig BBQ.

Lo C./Yelp

“I love me some BBQ and this place really hits the mark. It’s tough to find good barbecue in this area but Chub’s knows how to handle their meat. … The brisket had the perfect amount of smoke. They are really onto something with the thin slice on the brisket. Don’t think I have ever seen it done like that but it totally works. The variety of sauces had me drooling. Definitely worth the trip and I will be back for more with out a doubt,” wrote Yelp user Justin F.

Learn more about Chub’s Blue Pig BBQ here.

Baby Health in Winter MICHIGAN: Ricewood in Ann Arbor

Baby Health in Winter ricewood michigan bbq


Patricia A./Yelp

“I’ve eaten a LOT of BBQ across the country, and this is the BEST. Juicy, tender, and flavorful. I don’t even use the BBQ sauce. Would love for them to add pulled chicken on their regular menu. Beware, they don’t joke around with the spice level! We were watching Food Network tonight when they showed pulled pork. My 10 year old son said: ‘That makes me want to go to Ricewood,'” wrote Yelp user Denise Z.

Learn more about Ricewood here.

Baby Health in Winter MINNESOTA: Jellybean and Julia’s in Anoka

Baby Health in Winter minnesota bbq

Jellybean and Julia’s.

Amanda B./Yelp

“If you want really good BBQ, this is the place to go!!! It is tiny, hole in the wall place that has great food. I found the food to be spicy (but I am Norwegian and ketchup is considered a spice!) but even though my mouth was on fire, it tasted really good. I have been here twice, once for take out BBQ and once for brunch. Both were good experiences,” wrote Yelp user Tracy F.

Learn more about Jellybean and Julia’s here.

Baby Health in Winter MONTANA: Follow Yer’ Nose BBQ in Emigrant

Baby Health in Winter follow yer nose

Follow Yer’ Nose BBQ.

Michael B./Yelp

“We travel full time in our RV and I’m from NC so we’ve tried all sorts of BBQ all over the US and I think Follow Yer Nose is one of the best! Their burnt ends with cherry sauce was DIVINE! The pulled pork was perfectly smoked and flavored so that sauce was optional, but after the cherry sauce I just wanted to try the rest of them,” wrote Yelp user Megan B.

Learn more about Follow Yer’ Nose BBQ here.

Baby Health in Winter NEBRASKA: Smokin Barrel BBQ in Omaha

Baby Health in Winter Smokin Barrel BBQ

Smokin Barrel BBQ.

MelissaMatt M./Yelp

“Smokin Barrel is probably the best BBQ that I’ve had in Omaha. It’s in a small strip mall in old Millard and is a very basic/barebones restaurant. No real service, no free water, just serve and go,” wrote Yelp user David Y.

Learn more about Smokin Barrel BBQ here.

Baby Health in Winter NEVADA: Sparks and Smoke BBQ Takeout in Sparks OR Fox Smokehouse BBQ in Boulder City

Baby Health in Winter Sparks and Smoke BBQ

Beef ribs at Sparks and Smoke BBQ.

Kevin S./Yelp

“Had to try this place given the 5-star average review. It was definitely worth it, the food was incredible, the prices reasonable, and the staff was really nice. Best BBQ I’ve had in years (and we were just in Kansas City). We will come back every time we’re in Reno!” Yelp user Chris C wrote about Sparks and Smoke.

Learn more about Sparks and Smoke BBQ here.

Sparks and Smoke BBQ reopens February 21, 2020.

“I love this place! It’s some of the best BBQ I’ve had. It’s a small little place in Boulder City and if you’re there early there’s literally no one there. Service is excellent and pretty quick. They have a kids menu and they have quite big portions even for kids,” wrote Angela C about Fox and Smokehouse.

Learn more about Fox and Smokehouse BBQ here.

Baby Health in Winter NEW HAMPSHIRE: BBQ Shak in New Hampton OR Smokeshow Barbeque in Concord

Baby Health in Winter Bbq shak nh

BBQ Shak.

Sean G./Yelp

“We stumbled upon this place when we were road tripping in NH and it was such a nice surprise. Everything is SO SO good! Owner Scott is a very friendly fella who is also a BBQ scientist. I’ve had BBQ from all over and his brisket is hands down the best I’ve ever tasted,” wrote Yelp user Maya T about Bbq Shak.

Learn more about BBQ Shak here.

Bbq Shak is open seasonally from April to November.

“This is the best barbecue we’ve found since moving to New Hampshire from the south 11 years ago. I love the Goodness sandwich and get it every time. The meat is tender and full of flavor – and they put a lot of meat in the sandwich,” wrote Yelp user Mitze B about Smokeshow Barbeque.

Learn more about Smokeshow Barbeque here.

Baby Health in Winter NEW JERSEY: Smoke BBQ in Audubon

Baby Health in Winter smoke bbq nj

A worker slices brisket at Smoke BBQ.

Smoke BBQ/Yelp

“My pulled pork [was] so tender and flavored just right. The mac was also perfect – not just butter and noodles with a bit of cheese, but cheese throughout & the perfect oily sheen that good homemade mac should have. I did not try my partner’s cornbread or brisket, but you should just know this: he was the one who really wanted to come here and his plate was clean before I could say ‘finger-licking good’. And it is just that – finger-licking good,” wrote Yelp user Jillian F.

Learn more about Smoke BBQ here.

Baby Health in Winter NEW MEXICO: Watson’s BBQ in Tucumcari

Baby Health in Winter Watson's BBQ

Ribs at Watson’s BBQ.

Jen S./Yelp

“Simply the most authentic BBQ I’ve ever had. We stopped while traveling home from San Diego to Wisconsin. When we drove up we knew we hit the real deal. The hosts were so helpful and patient as we figured out what we would like,” wrote Yelp user Jen S.

Learn more about Watson’s BBQ here.

Baby Health in Winter NEW YORK: La Verdad Cafe in Buffalo

Baby Health in Winter La Verdad Cafe

Beef brisket at La Verdad Cafe.

SpiritofTruth R./Yelp

“What a lucky find! I just had the best ribs, the best chicken, the best brisket, and the best barbecue beans of my life! Everything is prepared from scratch and made with pride. I had no idea what I was in for when I walked in the door. It’s owned by a husband and wife team. I was greeted warmly by Vivian who came out from the kitchen to welcome us. Her smile was just infectious. The portions were huge and flavorful beyond description,” wrote Yelp user George F.

Learn more about La Verdad Cafe here.

Baby Health in Winter NORTH DAKOTA: Laughing Sun Brewing in Bismarck

Baby Health in Winter Laughing Sun Brewing

Laughing Sun Brewing.

Laughing Sun Brewing/Yelp

“I came here with my family on a Wednesday evening and we had a great meal! My uncle and husband are both carnivores but my aunt and I are vegetarian and we were so pleasantly surprised by how much was on the menu that we could eat too! My husband said it was the best brisket sandwich he’d ever had and we all noticed how good the turkey they used to make my uncle’s sandwich looked,” wrote Yelp user Ari G.

Learn more about Laughing Sun Brewing here.

Baby Health in Winter OHIO: Pickles & Bones Barbecue in Milford

Baby Health in Winter Pickles & Bones Barbecue

Brisket and pulled pork from Pickles & Bones Barbecue.

Roth M./Yelp

“Brisket was by far the star of the meal. The crust on the outside gave way to tender meat. The fat cap was either well-trimmed or well rendered. The brisket was flavorful all on its own. It was just as good when adding the sweet or vinegar-based barbeque sauce. It’s one of those instances when plain or sauced is equally good,” wrote Yelp user Elyse F.

Learn more about Pickles & Bones Barbecue here.

Baby Health in Winter OKLAHOMA: Jo-Bawb’s BBQ in Oklahoma City

Baby Health in Winter Jo-Bawb's BBQ in Oklahoma City

Ribs from Jo-Bawb’s BBQ.

Zach G./Yelp

“Ever since I had Central Texas BBQ, I’ve complained about how Oklahoma’s BBQ scene is terrible. Unfortunately, I can’t complain anymore (which sucks because I love complaining) because of Jo-Bawb’s BBQ. We tried the brisket, burnt ends, and ribs and they were all delicious. The brisket was so tender and had a fantastic bark. The burnt ends were something special,” wrote Yelp user Jess M.

Learn more about Jo-Bawb’s BBQ here.

Baby Health in Winter PENNSYLVANIA: Jesse’s Barbecue & Local Market in Souderton

Baby Health in Winter Jesse's Barbecue & Local Market

Half rack of ribs, mac and cheese, and cheesy corn from Jesse’s Barbecue & Local Market.

Brian P./Yelp

“This is one of my favorite places for BBQ. We always try to stop by when we are in town. I love that they provide carry out, eat inside, or eating outside. Their brisket is the absolute best I have ever had. Love that you can eat it as is or with your choices of multiple sauces. There is something for everyone at Jesse’s!” wrote Yelp user Robin G.

Learn more about Jesse’s Barbecue & Local Market here.

Baby Health in Winter SOUTH CAROLINA: Lewis Barbecue in Charleston

Baby Health in Winter Lewis Barbecue

Lewis Barbecue.

Jonathan T./Yelp

“My brother and sister in law were in town this past weekend from Tennessee. When my bro requested BBQ I knew exactly where to meet them: Lewis BBQ. While I had never been either, I have heard rave reviews and seen tons of mouthwatering pictures…and it absolutely lived up to every expectation,” wrote Yelp user Erika W.

Learn more about Lewis Barbecue here.

Baby Health in Winter TENNESSEE: Delauders BBQ in Gatlinburg

Baby Health in Winter Delauders BBQ

Delauders BBQ.

Signe A./Yelp

“A great family-owned restaurant with food that is so dang good. We’ve been trying to eat here for 3 years now…before they moved to their new location it was tough to catch them before they ran out of food. Talking with the owner today, the new space offers lots of food storage and bigger smokers so it’s much easier to getcha some,” wrote Yelp user Dawn F.

Learn more about Delauders BBQ here.

Baby Health in Winter TEXAS: Kat’s Barbecue in Santa Fe

Baby Health in Winter Kat's Barbecue

Kat’s Barbecue.

Lena A./Yelp

“One of the absolute best tasting pieces of smoked brisket and ribs I have ever eaten (I’ve eaten a lot of BBQ). After just one visit, Kat’s jumped straight up to the top two or three on my list of all Texas BBQ joints.  Kat’s does not sacrifice quality for quantity.  They only sell BBQ until it is gone. I had the brisket, sausage, and ribs. All of them are wonderful. This is a must-try place if you are looking for excellent BBQ,” wrote Yelp user Doug M.

Learn more about Kat’s Barbecue here.

Kat’s Barbecue is closed for renovations but should re-open in February.

Baby Health in Winter UTAH: Idk Barbecue in Tropic

Baby Health in Winter idk barbecue utah

Three meat sampler from Idk Barbecue.

Emily C./Yelp

“Affordable, delicious, big portions! Sandwiches can be customized with various buns/toppings. Meat is juicy and not too over flavored. Mac & cheese is a must-try! Barbecue sauces (regular and spicy) are self serve next to the drinks and the perfect balance between tangy and sweet,” wrote Yelp user Ashley Y.

Learn more about Idk Barbecue here.

Baby Health in Winter VERMONT: Prohibition Pig in Waterbury

Baby Health in Winter Prohibition Pig

Brisket and pork from Prohibition Pig.

Shuborno B./Yelp

“One of the best barbecue places in the states! The brisket was cooked perfectly. It pulled apart easily, the smoke ring was excellent, and the bark was tasteful. Their famous duck fries are worth ordering,” wrote Yelp user Max P.

Learn more about Prohibition Pig here.

Baby Health in Winter VIRGINIA: Triple Crown BBQ in Luray or Bristol Gardens & Grill in Bristol

Baby Health in Winter Triple Crown BBQ

Meat sampler from Triple Crown BBQ.

Ruth C./Yelp

“This place was great. We came here and got the BBQ pork and ribs. Great service food was fresh and came out quickly though you’ll wait longer than you would at a drive-thru. The meat was excellent, very smoky and delicious. BBQ beans are excellent and I don’t even like baked beans. I will definitely be back for more next time I am in the area,” wrote Yelp user Megan J about Triple Crown BBQ.

Learn more about Triple Crown BBQ here.

Triple Crown BBQ is open seasonally from mid-April through Thanksgiving, but caters year-round.

“This place is a hidden gem off of I 81 — great/fresh food, plenty of indoor and outdoor seating. Think picnic tables, inexpensive prices, and a lovely owner who is a pitmaster! We enjoyed the brisket tacos, potato bacon soup, and the pork belly BLT,” wrote Yelp user Sharon B about Bristol Gardens & Grill.

Learn more about Bristol Gardens & Grill here.

Baby Health in Winter WASHINGTON: Country Boys BBQ in Cashmere

Baby Health in Winter Country Boy's BBQ

Country Boys BBQ.

Jade C./Yelp

“Stopped by per friend’s recommendation. The pulled pork sandwich is AMAZING. I enjoyed their fresh-made chips as well. If you’re ever driving through Cashmere this is your go-to BBQ spot!” wrote Yelp user Doctor K.

Learn more about Country Boys BBQ here.

Baby Health in Winter WEST VIRGINIA: Dem 2 Brothers And A Grill in Charleston

Baby Health in Winter Dem 2 Brothers And A Grill

Dem 2 Brothers And A Grill.

Gerry S./Yelp

“This place is amazing! We were driving through and stopped based on Yelp reviews ..I’m glad we did! The fries are excellent … I highly recommend them. The atmosphere is very much that of a typical barbecue joint, which is very much what we expected. The price is amazing,” wrote Yelp user Jen S.

Learn more about Dem 2 Brothers And A Grill here.

Baby Health in Winter WISCONSIN: Ono Kine Grindz in Wauwatosa

Baby Health in Winter Ono Kine Grindz

Ono Kine Grindz.

Kristina L./Yelp

“I visited Hawaii 5 years ago and have been dreaming of one day finding some place near Milwaukee with Kalua Pork that tasted just like the Kalua Pork I had in Hawaii. I found it,” wrote Yelp user Rick R.

Learn more about Ono Kine Grindz here.



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