Baby Health in Winter Keto Breastfeeding, Conventional Meat Cuts, Fasted BJJ | THRR040

Baby Health in Winter

Baby Health in Winter

Baby Health in Winter

Proper mold/mycotoxin testing, Fasted BJJ, Statins vs PSK9 inhibitors for high LDLs, Best Conventional Meat Cut, Keto and breastfeeding

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1. Proper mold/mycotoxin testing [17:20]

Scott says:

Hello Robb and Nicki,

I’ve been struggling with mycotoxins/Lyme.  I read Toxic by Dr. Nathan last October when my doctor diagnosed.  I am wondering can you recommend a company that can test for ERMI and do the plate testing.  I live in a 1 bedroom apartment.  I had testing done in October but was not as informed at that time and it was a company that did the basic air quality although even that did have some positives as well as my 1st GPL urine test and most recent one this month.  I live in Oak Park, IL which is a suburb of Chicago.  Thank you in advance for your time and information.

With gratitude,

Scott Davis

2. Fasted BJJ [19:43]

Eric says:

Hi Robb and Nicki,

First, thanks for all that both of you do. I’m a listener since episode one of The Paleo Solution Podcast and continue to refer my personal training clients to all of your content, new and old.

Ok, context first. I’ve been a time restricted eater for about a year and half and have had great results. Monday-Saturday I run an 18:6 protocol and Sunday’s are 16:8. Whether it’s 6am or towards the end of the TRE window, I feel good and perform well when I have a strength or sprint workout.

Next week I start no gi BJJ from 11: 30-1pm Tues/Thurs. I typically end my TRE around 12: 30 or so but am wondering how BJJ workouts will play out. Should I supplement with quality sea salt and/or other electrolytes since they have little or no impact on most types of fasting (per Dr. Rhonda Patrick)? Of course I’m going to give it a whirl and see how it goes but just curious in case I end up needing something.

Again, thanks and keep up the great work!

3. Statins vs PSK9 inhibitors for high LDLs [24:42]

Dr. Mandal says:

Hey Robb and Nicki. I shot this question off to the Peter Atia podcast also cause I’d be genuinely intrigued how someone with your biochemistry background would approach this problem, I know you can’t give medical advice, but just wondering what ideas you’d have about treating someone like myself with an elevated LDL particle count who has an APOE3/E4 genotype. The LDL particle count did improve with a 3 times a week dosing with Lipitor 10mg. However, since statins work by diminishing the output of total cholesterol by inhibiting HMG-CoA reductase would long term use of a statin eventually be detrimental to someone who is more prone to Alzheimer’s dementia with an APOE3/E4 genotype? Would a PSK9 inhibitor be a better choice since it works by removing LDL particles? Additionally, total cholesterol, triglyceride, HDL levels, and inflammatory markers are excellent and are controlled with a targeted keto-ish diet (<30g carbs- 6 days a week) x 8 years.

I’m so grateful for all

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