Baby Health in Winter Joe Giudice Admits to “Tons of Mistakes” in Birthday Tribute to Gia

Baby Health in Winter

Just a couple of weeks ago, Joe Giudice was reunited with his beloved daughters in Italy as they visited him for the holidays.

On Wednesday, he posted a heartwarming, moving tribute for Gia’s 19th birthday.

Joe may be separated from his relatives by a massive ocean, but he can still celebrate his eldest daughter on her birthday.

“These past years as your dad have been the hardest to watch you grow into your own person,” he admits in a precious Instagram post.

Joe adds: “honestly the longest years I have ever experienced to be away from all your success!”

“I have made tons of mistakes so far,” he confesses.

“Though my birthday gift to you,” Joe’s caption continues, “I will shower you with love my first born.”

He writes: “our special bond has never stopped and I thank you.”

Like his other daughters, Gia remained devoted to her father, even during his time behind bars.

“I am always trying to be the best dad I can be,” Joe expresses.

Joe continues, gushing at Gia: “because you, my little girl, you are the best daughter I could ever ask for.”

“For this, I will always spoil you for all the years to come,” he vows.

That is such a kidn thing, and so appropriate from a doting parent to their teenage child.

“Happy birthday,” Joe concludes, promsing: “You will always be daddy’s little girl. Forever.”

Fortunately, Gia got to see Joe very recently. And so did her sisters Gabriella, Milania, and Audriana.

All four girls packed their (many, many) bags and took a plane to see their father in late December, just before Christmas.

Italy is a beautiful country at any time of the year, but they weren’t there as toursits.

They were there to see their beloved father. it will be months before they can visit him in person again.

Of course, while Gia and her sisters went to visit Joe, Teresa stayed behind.

So soon after Teresa and Joe announced their separation, it’s not that much of a surprise. And the separation wasn’t a shocker, either.

In fact, Teresa had teased, weeks earlier, that she wouldn’t be able to see Joe until spring or later.

Her reason was simple: she films during the winter, and she can’t pull her daughters out of school to visit Joe when they’re not on break.

Teresa and Joe both served their prison sentences, serving time back to back in order to be there for their four children.

But because Joe was brought to the United States as a baby rather than being born here, he was deported.

The blame game between Joe and Teresa’s family over who should have gotten him his citizenship is beyond a moot point, unfortunately.

Now, it is the four Giudice daughters who are hit hardest by this brutal separation, which comes right on the heels of his incarceration.

As they have acknowledges, Teresa and Joe are adults and can endure this. This will adversely impact their children’s emotional health for a long time.

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